bright, the history and long life of Ming Dynasty

posted Nov 17, 2015, 1:03 AM by benzrad zhu   [ updated Nov 17, 2015, 1:17 AM ]


light, all the world bent to, the Ming Dynasty

明 in Chinese, means bright in English. it's once the most prosperous times in the world history when it rein. the world saw the global map extending unprecedentedly when its marine force sailed half of the world.

Ming Dynasty marks a pinnacle in China civilization as well as in world history. but Ming Dynasty not die in poverty or inner bankrupt or collapse. its the fading of Confucian, which is the pillar of ruling of previous dynasties in China, and the corrupt&bankrupt of Empire cadres bred by the Confucian. and its God's set, time to cover the land with his glory and his sovereign with new forge of bloods. the Ming Dynasty Emperors dying for God in the rest time of Ming since the unrest of cadres' challenge upon Royal affair, and finally gave up their charges over the land and people, and firmly lending fresh blood from northeast tribe in China. They refused endeavors of his Empire's cadres, including Generals, to offer his kingdom to new face from the cold northeastern, and blend with new blood to save its people from aging.

Now its time for the heir of the master of Ming Dynasty, under family name Zhu, to reclaim his Empire and revitalize the world around it. its high time for the vested to lead its nation to the summon of God, and let God's glory shines all over the world once and forever.