wheel of will power

holy messages from the Son, the founder of new Empire of China, and blessed changes onto the scarred land of eastern Asia.

with new unleashed power and freedom in USA, in dangers.

posted Jul 12, 2017, 1:28 AM by benzrad zhu   [ updated Jul 12, 2017, 1:44 AM ]

summer 2017 turns much milder after many small rains. and my room window again gathers lots of bugs. yesterday I delivered our first raspberry pi 3 to my son, woz for his study. we managed install it. after 2 failures due to file system format misconfig, we boot it up with noobs 4 on tf card formatted by my chromebook. in the harsh process debug, we amateur damaged a 16GB tfcard and had to use his 32GB tfcard for his portable boombox instead. such a elation after saw raspberry pi interface! after let it downloading Rispbian I left it to my son and arranged he sit in front of TV and returned to my dorm. a thunderstorm just left and air outside freshly crisp. last week boosted by improved salary, we ordered several inspiring goods online, inc 2 seat cover made of cooler materials for summer, a backup vpn router, and raspberry pi 3. my own have an order for replacing used air drier powder made in Japan in my QRRS dorm, 3rd time replacement order with the same vendor on taobao.com. my credit debt near clearance to bankcomm.com after this month, and my total credit debt to other 2 banks mounts below ¥40000, a great relief for me. in this regard, I more and more thinking my long term ownership over zhone 21 domains I cherished so much and indispensable. I also saw decades hereafter my life and investment and intelligent property registered. God dad, put me anxious free upon stealthy CCP and robbing vicious human population competition pressure. promise me my vested Royal garden and shadow of trees and plants, song of birds and bees. this dawn dreamt a lot about prominent global topics, which now in evaporation. last night I in deep content after watched episode on amazon, for faith and pride. God dad, I'm in no one's enemy when I in holy bliss. target me in your future mission all world gathering bravery. if cheap souls can't discipline themselves, the chosen does. let America acts and makes adjustment at will, like Trump did for US, graciously and arbitrarily as whole family as vocation. dad God, people nation and shrine of Holy lending its way. grant me the breakthrough toward new land and territory that renew our old oath and blood bond in eastern Asia. God, bring me sooner my Royal China and Asoh Yukiko, my crown Queen from Japan. lives me another child and a family here.

misson in dream.

posted Mar 1, 2017, 5:07 PM by benzrad zhu   [ updated Mar 1, 2017, 7:11 PM ]

dreamt of genius. dreamt my elder brothers, hometown folks, once leaders in QRRS, all turned old. I passed them who playing Majiang together and felt sad. then myself turns older and unbearable intelligent work. then a cheap soul like CCP cadre invents sculpturing on glass with color, replace paintings on it manuscript or oil print. its merit is clear and vivid in 3D, but cost is material wasted once solid inscribed, not reusable. I wondered CCP administrative manner, reckless and environment unfriendly. then dream the inventor, a guy super genius: he needn't backup hardware settings, like I backup system images and important data times and relentlessly, he talks directly to hardware binary likes operates software in GUI. later he talked directly to a goat, let it be friend with me and my son. the goat hears and got it. yesterday woz's new trousers I ordered on taobao.com, for redeem my guilty in scorning him for no due respect of new broadband internet I installed him, arrived, for its deliverer, yto.com, well organized in its arena, really speedy. but what we demand, pocket for cellphone, not exists on the trousers, instead, a fake pocket without depth but just a zip for decoration. my son complained carrying smartphone in his jacket pocket can be clogging, and loathes to bring a new cheaper Chinese cellphone I prepared him all day long. returned to dorm, I tried to contact the taobao vendor. the site, taobao.com, quite discriminates its web service users, even punishing non client end app users, from geographic restriction to frequently failing web login or web im whose protocol solely supports itself. I switched 3 computers, from chromeos to android to windows, its im quits on all 3 platforms while previously it works sometimes. I lately find the vendor's mobile phone and settled replacing with new one our required pocket satisfied. I really need a cellphone pocketed trousers prices ¥80, too, but we just can't afford it now even its beneficence obvious and goodness predicts. in the night I watched a youtube documentary on world economic bubble burst emerging. that reminds my vision Christian contrasts other poverty pestered world like PRC nowadays, or even total bankrupt wasteland, esp Islamic area, their competition lasts thousand years. government bailout grows larger and severer, esp Communist bureaucratic central predating system propagates its efficiency among fooled mouths decades smothering, but America has to cope with challenges from cheap human society's crowd, the bubble of wastes, esp eastern Asia and Islamic states. its time to show who is the chosen. now time for Trump to discipline US and get rid of cheap mob's siege. time for beautiful new One world of Christian, around Israel. time to manifest the world developmental power is not cheap human cattle's clouds, nor cheap dictation in Communism, nor terrorist Muslim. only Christian the life of prosperous, the source of plenty, the due grace God grants. time to clean the planet with AI and robots, time to rid earth off cheap human beings and beast alike terrorist, both too rampant and waste of land and air. this is new mission for Trump, also mission of my Royal China of China Empire reset ahead then lasting 1109 years. this is salvage and gospel of the Son.


posted Nov 17, 2015, 1:47 AM by benzrad zhu   [ updated Nov 17, 2015, 1:48 AM ]



朋友, 千山鸟飞绝,你我肩担重任,捍卫地球家园。朋友,万境人踪灭, 你我视前途如畏虎,复明的花园日播花开。朋友,上帝在召唤,志异的天使和义人飞扬其上。 my friends, shoulder the world like the silent goat. my friends, bell rings for the forever and never seen glory.
God sees my devotion on his way toward savage.


中国将拥有地球上最广阔的领土,和最持久的和义和阳光。 我的爸爸,朱中明,沉默了大半辈子的高贵和辉煌的唯一拥有者,奠定了即将来临的1109年的中华帝国的基石。

war in world and China

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China's positon in world democracy. 战火中华

the world steadily steering into world war, by the turbulent Islamic world, brutal dictators in China and NPK and Vietnam as well as in Cuba. God's shine over the earth embodies God's road to sanity.

China under fire baptism and saves itself from the baptism. looking into China's tortured process toward democracy and re-soaring, set in wax and wane, by Ming Dynasty, a pinnacle of China history,a treasure of my ancestor in family name Zhu, under God's shine.
Today, there is a palace stands out off ruin of People's Republic of China, there is a Holy Spirit devotes to the endeavor, this is warozhu.com, 帝之战和.
visit us at:

China's future forward to new Empire

posted Nov 17, 2015, 1:15 AM by benzrad zhu   [ updated Nov 17, 2015, 1:52 AM ]


unite China as well as Chinese all over the world under one China in democracy, steers the world into more prosperous and peaceful world under God's shine.

Japan gaining in coming years. while China nowadays continues to deteriorate, and fatally broke into rotten and riot. China will joined by Japan in new era to re-rise to its new pinnacle, like it once had in Ming Dynasty under title of Zhu's. power on earth and sea, more freedom for Japan with her new soil settlement, and China as an Empire reset.
the plain of eastern Asia can be a prosperous land, akin to the America continent, esp. the US.

bright, the history and long life of Ming Dynasty

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light, all the world bent to, the Ming Dynasty

明 in Chinese, means bright in English. it's once the most prosperous times in the world history when it rein. the world saw the global map extending unprecedentedly when its marine force sailed half of the world.

Ming Dynasty marks a pinnacle in China civilization as well as in world history. but Ming Dynasty not die in poverty or inner bankrupt or collapse. its the fading of Confucian, which is the pillar of ruling of previous dynasties in China, and the corrupt&bankrupt of Empire cadres bred by the Confucian. and its God's set, time to cover the land with his glory and his sovereign with new forge of bloods. the Ming Dynasty Emperors dying for God in the rest time of Ming since the unrest of cadres' challenge upon Royal affair, and finally gave up their charges over the land and people, and firmly lending fresh blood from northeast tribe in China. They refused endeavors of his Empire's cadres, including Generals, to offer his kingdom to new face from the cold northeastern, and blend with new blood to save its people from aging.

Now its time for the heir of the master of Ming Dynasty, under family name Zhu, to reclaim his Empire and revitalize the world around it. its high time for the vested to lead its nation to the summon of God, and let God's glory shines all over the world once and forever.

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