working environment improvement executed

“Quality means doing it right when nobody is looking.” - Henry Ford

its tough in sinking PRC's sucking economy now. my debt to organization amounts to ¥17,000 now. my only monetary gain likely depends on year end bonus from my once and long time employer, QRRS, an old style SOE, and benevolence of my kid brother who operating a small metal product factory in southern China. the latter also mostly arrives only in lunar year end. while I in deep faith of my vow to reclaim my vested kingdom of China, and gospel of new Empire of China under God's shine covers Chinese 1109 years ahead, I believe my baby son and my own deserve a noble life nowadays including bimothly cinema, Walmart shopping of budget ¥300, and dining out twice a week. I managed 3 credit card capable ¥30,000 to fluid in the circumstance. I need cash to shift us from draining recurring debt, interests and capital. so far, blogging since 2006 rewards me in account less than $10, which still in google adsense reservoir. I hope in future my web publication support more of my business.
its now time to add google display ads on my sites, esp. dynamic sites including,, I'm glad to see ads on my site, for it means backbone business, inspiring messages. and long time I admire entrepreneur. I dream one day I have my startup, my studio or farm employing, my brand with consolide social exchange, my warehouse import and export ideas, materials and energies. Its by no way too far, its within my blood and our generations. God, u see it.
so here my audience, pl support our site and hosted ads, pl allow my promotion here for brighter future with our effortful devotion to God and right way, against sinking and darkening tyrants on the planet.

fly over my sites, google ads! like birds sing in air for its bugs and meal.

originally posted on 2015-05-14