expand adsense to more zhone's site, esp zohosites,upon page hit surge

posted Nov 16, 2015, 11:14 PM by benzrad zhu   [ updated Nov 16, 2015, 11:43 PM ]

recently sees affiliate sites under zhu's booming. my main blog domestic at 163.com first time, its total hits passed 50,000 visits. my main blog at google blogger.com, also surplus 100,000 hits. 3 dynamic sites, esp zho.io, gains near 100 visits daily. encouraged by the web traffic analytics, I recently refurnished zhone's sites hosted at zohosites, cleaned html codes, fix errs and expanded to some near claimed sites, esp site for gotrus.com, birdous.com,birdo.us, zhone.mobi, faezrland.me, etc. all enabled with beautiful ads from google adsense.

2015 we harvest a lots. I repeatedly purchased computing device against surveillance under PRC's CCP. now each of woz, dearest son, and myself has desktop, notebook, pad, smartphone. last Monday I ordered an Intel nuc from amazon likely will halt the plan to an end. my son and me greatly satisfied, without aid of credit card we wouldn't able to execute it, meanwhile debt to bank mounts to near ¥50,000. how burdensome it is, I still in reckon, pre-warn including 2 times bank buzzed in for urging pay back credit in time last month. last week I booted up courage to buzz 2 of my Nankai univ alumni for loan, both unresponsible.

this week my salary will arrive. God, how many hopes I put as national living standard supports my invests on cyberspace buildup. I anticipate my investment on domains, cloud computing, supported by average salary or pension now that all the country urging improving domestic consuming. I know its risky but I still in faith.

God, what else if we didn't choose the lifestyle we enjoyed so much now? my son and my own cherish every moment we stayed together for gaming, for restaurant, for cinema, for walmart. God, dad, just let it floats deep as usual and plenty.

photo below is woz with his pad and ice drink from Taiwan franchise before we join cinema in Qiqihar supermarket.

woz on his pad game before join cinema

originally posted on 2015-10-21