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Successful 2nd flight to visit brother's new house in southern China.

posted Feb 14, 2016, 6:15 PM by benzrad zhu   [ updated Feb 14, 2016, 6:36 PM ]
it has been years since our 1st flight tour to hometown, central China. so when my kid brother invited me and my son to join lunar spring festival at their new house in southern China, I admit at once. the tour turns out full spectrum of a flight tour: speedy and accurate, sudden storm and day lone delay, hotel and boarding, etc. we also witness villas near my kid brother's house, well designed large residential community whose most inhabitants are migrates just earn well on the host land. my son ate less meals at his uncle's home, but I usually ate so full that my throat burning. my plan to ask my brother's loan help me alineate credit cards' deficit failed, for his business not so rosy, but we still gained near ¥2000 as the lunar holiday gift. its so nice a vacation that we don't know when the 2nd one descends. thx God, we don't count on.

2016 brings about step up

back flight caught in Dalian snow storm and had to stay in hotel for a night, count on the airline,
last dine out breakfast feature southern China cuisine brother treated us.
woz and his cousin watching TV in his uncle's unneat house.
upon request, pose for a gathering shot with flight crew.
before launch, woz at Qiqihar airport.