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3rd flight tour hometown returns.

posted Feb 9, 2017, 10:35 PM by benzrad zhu   [ updated Feb 9, 2017, 11:44 PM ]
my 3rd flight tour with dearest son, woz, never comes easy. credit debt crisis put me in danger of deprive of airline or any other enjoyable high speed travel. I also itched to demonstrate my hometown folks, who mostly just fed and car friended, entertainment of video game, large mirror screen extends mobile source, and computing everywhere, with which mostly I experienced with aid of my dear credit card in 2015, if the travel means happy together. I also anxious about our first package dispatching experience with airline, will batteries banned? will my acer chromebook, my 2nd parcel, not allowed to bring with us? will gamepads survive compacted space? will our dell notebook, which near 6 years old, service us as main wifi throughout GFW? my kid brother, never known why he so hateful toward me, selling poverty every chance to prevent us from airline, claiming my sisters who support our travel cost borrowing. he succeeded persuading us by train to return to Qiqihar, which is far from enjoyable journey. PRC cheap train ticket policy, against full marketing, put train ticket scarce. our travel agency,, put us at waiting for half month before inform us booked. I also have 3 unfinished task annually, amazon prime renewal, localphone subscription, 13 domains renewal including newly bought which has 8 years subscription available to buy. all in one hope, on the other land once my grand father labored, I will witness the fulfilled. we had only ¥500 for on road spending. and when we settled in my sister's house, less than ¥30 left in pocket. when my salary arrived a week later, after urgent costs including ¥2000 for credit debt clearance, only ¥100 left me to withdraw. nevertheless, the 100rmb support woz's favorite snack in the small town, esp one or 2 meals we under careless treat. in a word, the 3rd flight tour totally a mirage of success and lucky: we never broke down by unperceived trouble. all well designated aid tools sing chords for gathered joy. in the 3 weeks, we demonstrated English channel, speedy web publication including photos and videos, news rss consuming, and plenty of game play and leisure in stride. my sisters and their families show unresolved hospitality, and their angeled offspring blossom in early spring sunshine. my son, woz, Hope of China, did his most heavy assignment days in and days out, gaming on pc and his mobile. he sometimes attracted some pals, but he did his routine peacefully. he means treasure to the earth. in one or 2 days, he is the only persistent source of the whole family didn't missing in fun chasing landsliding and stick to his role enlightens homage. he likes flagship on the vast ocean.

when time to return, we both more or less dislike train which long and slow. the only compensation, scenery sightseeing, also boring for most of tour space is plane of soil or field, water area and mountains hard to seek. there is one merit in the train scheme, straight line between my hometown and Qiqihar. its my first time saw the railway station in my hometown. but unfortunately a playful kid's head hurt by snail on the waiting fense bar. we didn't noticed it but when we jammed to queue, the kid's father warned me not hurt his son's wound again before I acquire the situation. the railway police generously offer paper tissue and medicine, but why they prevent the accidence in advance. lazy CCP administration hurt lots of PRC people, in its selfish reckless hunting for profit. the conductors aboard very rude in their comments and complains. they don't take off their shoes when climb to sort bed thing. returned to woz's mom's house, our first demand is wash all our clothes including in our package. then we headed to spa for shower. its such a pleasure with plenty of hot water in public spa, comparing our hometown family bathroom. within the day we arrived Qiqihar, we showered, dined out, ordered woz another glasses to rid his old one's ghost mark hard to clean. within next day, I restore woz and my work space, esp computers with security patches and account recovery. within half week, I managed unlock my cheap Chinese android phone and installed gapps after all dead block and clueless custom recovery bootloader, satisfied long time wish to reconnect to google within GFW's constrain on my smartphone. now in weekend reunion in sight, I safely feel fruitful 3rd flight hometown tour rewarded.

next or next 2 or 3 years will be hard for us, dwelling in dark curtain and cold grief yard, even hate old life space and routine meaningless. but God, stick us to the meaningful destiny, revitalize the eastern Asia under new Empire reset for 1109 years, hand in hand with Japan. God dad, inject us with bravery and spirit to sustain growth of my web publication, my business to ignite the glory of Zhu's once and again, in God's mercy.