Royal voyage

 witness family golden moments, key shots of emerging Royal China.

Friday night drizzle with peaceful dissolve.

posted Apr 9, 2017, 2:40 AM by benzrad zhu   [ updated Apr 9, 2017, 4:18 AM ]

dreamt first shared dorm with an once QRRS colleague who is a photographer. he is a gay in dream and spying me. anything of him will convey gay sensation when I touch them. then dream in a TV cuisine competition. I was a candidate and my dish too slippery to stand vegetables in decoration. I was in hurry and failed many times. then once my boss, QRRS cable TV chief editorial who died in mid age, pointed out the cause impersonally. when I almost gave up my works, I woke up and in anxious of visiting my son weekend on time. 
woz's crayon paiting at his art class his mom arranged him.

last week is a strange week testifying relation of my son woz and me, his dad. on Monday which also in lunar Mourning holiday we booked cinema as usual together. that had been shifted a day for all PRC people gathering 3 days holiday and adjust a weekend for workday. the disgusting convenience chasing hobby humiliates meaning of week from bible, unlike US holidays. when I went over in time to fetch my son to cinema, he was absent while his mom tutored some students there as usual. I waited half hour till time didn't permit waiting. I buzzed the grandma who is really an old fox, stubborn and canning, evasive when I ordered her sent my son to cinema directly. my son already told me he will be totally free when we booked tickets together. so my son forgot his timetable or his sinful mom or grandma tentatively assigned my son's occupation with his pointless art class. when I arrived cinema and buzzed the grandma again, she still trying selling my son to postpone the movie. my son wanted to talk to me, but my rages out of control and I yelled him to come over at once. when they arrived, I at once beat my son while the grandma repeated that I was insane. I beat my son before the movie and during movie, we didn't exchange anything while our back seat trying closer to us to tease us, likely official surveillance. on way to lunch out, I beat my son again for disappointed, for his unable to administrate his life on his own. I scorned and beat him during lunch. after returned to his mom's house, I fetched my missed a day dirty clothes after shower and left without entering the house. after I settled in dorm, my kid brother who almost blacklisted my phone, called in. he was informed by my son's mom or grandma that my violence can bring me into asylum again if I exert it again on my son. I laughed and told him that they can do anything as they will, I'm not feared. my brother claim I turning odd, and I shouldn't push my son so hard to American for here in China I should abide with its situation. I replied that is two way to learn after America, one way sending out richer Chinese to US, another way is bring US to China. in coming most of the week, my son kept muted when I buzzed him and sms him. I shifted our new Chinese phone from fiber optic internet bundle to him at the end of lunch and he promised will keep mobile reachable like an adult. even in the week I urgent to add backup phone to our 2 godaddy accounts. after 3 days including failed contacted godaddy support, I got thing done with synced sms log via ifttt I previously setup on the phone. on Saturday I lingered on bed lately to avoid boring and hard choice if I visit my son as usual. then my son sent me sms of verification code his phone received and I asked to transfer to me but denied times. I replied immediately things done and asked if shower on Sunday as planned or plan B. my son didn't response me graciously. I soon decided to visit him. it's noon. I visited dorm canteen to fetch my washed clothes there, and borrow another ¥200 for gathering my son in dinning out together. when I entered the house, my son's mom blocked the door and asked in what privilege I frequent there. I didn't reply and evade her into visit my son in his bedroom where he practicing e-piano. after they left for music class his mom arranged, I sorted my son's nexus in English podcast's companion. after they returned I tried awhile video game then my son dined out with me. now I can say storm of separation dissolved with consent of my son's once under performance. he should be more independent, out of childish custody. God, dad, Friday night drizzle blessed us. now shinny morning sunshine covers my concerns with triumph. bring me sooner my Royal China, my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko. bring our better life in reach. grant us financial independent to broaden our cyberspace investment. allow us buy stylish pants with mobile pockets, and a camera for my desktop computer. pl resume my visa card and its credit limit sooner. thx God dad for all these years' affirmative.

3rd flight tour hometown returns.

posted Feb 9, 2017, 10:35 PM by benzrad zhu   [ updated Feb 9, 2017, 11:44 PM ]

my 3rd flight tour with dearest son, woz, never comes easy. credit debt crisis put me in danger of deprive of airline or any other enjoyable high speed travel. I also itched to demonstrate my hometown folks, who mostly just fed and car friended, entertainment of video game, large mirror screen extends mobile source, and computing everywhere, with which mostly I experienced with aid of my dear credit card in 2015, if the travel means happy together. I also anxious about our first package dispatching experience with airline, will batteries banned? will my acer chromebook, my 2nd parcel, not allowed to bring with us? will gamepads survive compacted space? will our dell notebook, which near 6 years old, service us as main wifi throughout GFW? my kid brother, never known why he so hateful toward me, selling poverty every chance to prevent us from airline, claiming my sisters who support our travel cost borrowing. he succeeded persuading us by train to return to Qiqihar, which is far from enjoyable journey. PRC cheap train ticket policy, against full marketing, put train ticket scarce. our travel agency,, put us at waiting for half month before inform us booked. I also have 3 unfinished task annually, amazon prime renewal, localphone subscription, 13 domains renewal including newly bought which has 8 years subscription available to buy. all in one hope, on the other land once my grand father labored, I will witness the fulfilled. we had only ¥500 for on road spending. and when we settled in my sister's house, less than ¥30 left in pocket. when my salary arrived a week later, after urgent costs including ¥2000 for credit debt clearance, only ¥100 left me to withdraw. nevertheless, the 100rmb support woz's favorite snack in the small town, esp one or 2 meals we under careless treat. in a word, the 3rd flight tour totally a mirage of success and lucky: we never broke down by unperceived trouble. all well designated aid tools sing chords for gathered joy. in the 3 weeks, we demonstrated English channel, speedy web publication including photos and videos, news rss consuming, and plenty of game play and leisure in stride. my sisters and their families show unresolved hospitality, and their angeled offspring blossom in early spring sunshine. my son, woz, Hope of China, did his most heavy assignment days in and days out, gaming on pc and his mobile. he sometimes attracted some pals, but he did his routine peacefully. he means treasure to the earth. in one or 2 days, he is the only persistent source of the whole family didn't missing in fun chasing landsliding and stick to his role enlightens homage. he likes flagship on the vast ocean.

when time to return, we both more or less dislike train which long and slow. the only compensation, scenery sightseeing, also boring for most of tour space is plane of soil or field, water area and mountains hard to seek. there is one merit in the train scheme, straight line between my hometown and Qiqihar. its my first time saw the railway station in my hometown. but unfortunately a playful kid's head hurt by snail on the waiting fense bar. we didn't noticed it but when we jammed to queue, the kid's father warned me not hurt his son's wound again before I acquire the situation. the railway police generously offer paper tissue and medicine, but why they prevent the accidence in advance. lazy CCP administration hurt lots of PRC people, in its selfish reckless hunting for profit. the conductors aboard very rude in their comments and complains. they don't take off their shoes when climb to sort bed thing. returned to woz's mom's house, our first demand is wash all our clothes including in our package. then we headed to spa for shower. its such a pleasure with plenty of hot water in public spa, comparing our hometown family bathroom. within the day we arrived Qiqihar, we showered, dined out, ordered woz another glasses to rid his old one's ghost mark hard to clean. within next day, I restore woz and my work space, esp computers with security patches and account recovery. within half week, I managed unlock my cheap Chinese android phone and installed gapps after all dead block and clueless custom recovery bootloader, satisfied long time wish to reconnect to google within GFW's constrain on my smartphone. now in weekend reunion in sight, I safely feel fruitful 3rd flight hometown tour rewarded.

next or next 2 or 3 years will be hard for us, dwelling in dark curtain and cold grief yard, even hate old life space and routine meaningless. but God, stick us to the meaningful destiny, revitalize the eastern Asia under new Empire reset for 1109 years, hand in hand with Japan. God dad, inject us with bravery and spirit to sustain growth of my web publication, my business to ignite the glory of Zhu's once and again, in God's mercy.

2016 year end bonus rewards in video games.

posted Dec 4, 2016, 7:45 PM by benzrad zhu   [ updated Dec 12, 2016, 6:42 AM ]

thx QRRS, this year's year end bonus arrived earlier 2 months. with the aid I timely updated my family platform game library, inc woz's origin game "PvZ:garden warware 2 deluxe", my 3 steam games I almost played through on their pirate version from web, ie. "mask of Ninja", "enemy frontline", "zombies trilogy". after these years I more and more prone to work when alone, lack suitable mood for video games. my son under my influence either drifting from pc games, just mobile games let him lingering on his android devices. sinking PRC these days concocted lots of financial laws against personal financial freedom, trying prevent civil expenditure and establishment via investment. they mean cheap, wanting, torment and starvation all times in cheating poised righteous. they esp. targeted against my cyberspace asset growth. with the timely year end bonus I renewed partially our domains ownership and vpn service. since PRC now prohibits foreign currency credit card, then the act to regret or takeback of transaction or payment already committed in 24 hour, all aiming reinforce dictative power to control my purchase overseas. even among my renewal of zhone domains, my old methods, inc Visa/Mastercard credit card and paypal, both failed. the former due my icbc credit diluted its facility to zero after debt clearance and resumed usability in the end of freezing months, esp. USD account refuses any credit expense, while depositing USD like debit as the ICBC clerk told me to do before use in situation of tightest credit limit tentative troublesome, during shrinking CNY and harsher American dollar trade monitoring. the latter failed many times strangely last month, even I changed setting to allow paypal direct conversion between USD payment and CNY. my paypal account likely under PRC surveillance, for recently it blocked my logon several times and strangely selective upon vpn usage. I called its Beijing HQ to fix login problem but never know why it as well as my icbc credit card bundled failing to pay even I have CNY deposit in account. in a word, my renewal of some zhone domains already a mirage of sudden. God, dad, I concern so much the operative of overseas purchase that I hardly feeling ease after the successful one. grant us freedom of personal finance, our investment on cyberspace. grant us 3rd flight tour hometown during crisis when my credit debt record potentially deprives us from booking airline tickets in sinking PRC's mounting insane national civil control.

woz steam screenshot
woz steam screenshot with new games bought.

But on the purchased gifts, we did gain happiness. woz cheers up for the garden warfare 2, after its previous version release impressed him and long so long after new release half year. we bought garden war 1 from at discount, and since then our game base ever increasing. after switched Traditional Chinese, woz can't wait after I left in his mom, a small bitch's curse upon our gathering, and buzzed me when I on way returning my dorm, on his progress in the game. his house's internet under so smothering surveillance that I last week had to fetch his game notebook to my dorm to download our new bought games even much slower while stable, and a full work week compensates the traffic load. his ISP, China railtel an subsidiary of Chinamobile, shamelessly intervened thousand times daily and ruined his vpn severe. God, dad, we at least have our fun now, more concrete than the elapsing reality sad in sinking PRC, literally dog's prey. dad, God, lives us an even brighter 2017 and lunar spring festival reunion hometown.

woz with his favorite game, PvZ: garden warfare 2, newly bought from origin store, at home.
woz with his favorite game, PvZ: garden warfare 2, newly bought from origin store, at home.

woz’s first installation, on a Sony SmartWatch 2

posted Jul 31, 2016, 11:21 PM by benzrad zhu   [ updated Aug 2, 2016, 5:05 AM ]

I, his proud dad, noticed previously he fond of watch, even cheap e-watch his mom bought him. I envisaged that he has expectation as successful man in American movies or any TV scenes, with a valued watch. I think he wants a watch as leaving teenage, being elegant and wealthy. Then I moved by the growing kid’s dream. I searched at once online store for android smart watch. Pebble is OK but version 2 needs near ¥1000 while version 1 was transit product for me. Then I found Sony SW2 on lists within my financial radar, around ¥500. I long time admire Japanese product and tried to ask son’s mom buying me a Toshiba chromebook in her tour Taiwan last summer but failed. This time it wouldn't fake me. Within ten minutes I decided and left my dorm to raise money. My kid brother just visited me for my credit crisis weeks ago and left me a debit card capable ¥1000/mon. I think I can spare the price of the SW2 from mouth saving. Soon I got loan from one of my acquaintance in Qiqihar in my 2 decades here as migrant, with it I trusted the QRRS Dorms canteen operator woman ordered it instead of me. that’s on a Saturday afternoon. In the coming week, since Tuesday when my parcel due to arrive, I felt vulnerable in trusting the canteen couples who can be hostile toward my Royal. I hated profaning and cheating while they are common Chinese untrustworthy and weak in faith and self esteem. Time and time in restless I pray God saves my purchase. And on Jul 27, 2016 lunch time, I saw my goods unpacked by the couple. The outer glass alike plastic box wrecked a corner but the watch likely intact, the seal tape seemingly the original, too. With it I rushed to hand over to my son at noon. He was asked to read carefully the instruction online available on the vendor shop but he doesn’t know how to start the procedure booting it annoyed me. I almost yell him. He let alone to connect the watch with charger but unfortunately after a hour the mistake found, by shifting dead sleeping watch to notebook’s usb port. I remade connection and charged. When my son started connecting the SW2 with his nexus mobile, internet via vpn desperately broken likely under PRC’s surveillance. So I told my son I was leaving lest the dog system messes more harshly. When I left the internet resumed and sound. Returned to dorm I barney in need message of ongoing setup but my son didn’t inform me 2 days. Friday afternoon I buzzed him and he argued enthusiastically in air about his work to install his SW2. I got known some apps, facebook, twitter, etc. needs login while he thought he was not with those confidential information. I felt I might help so I visited him. But he was not at home, likely his mom brought him haunting municipal library, with his smart watch. I logon fb and gmail on his mobile, just a hit of button except twitter needs password input to authenticate access privilege. That more or less mingled my promise that the SW2 totally his property and depository, and my son refrains his elation with the charming gear. After a busy weekends we gamed together, completed “Bioshock: infinite” and broke through “L.A Noire”, I felt my son less upset by my intervene. And I promised greater gift Heavenly for him.
WOZ with his new gear, a Sony SmartWatch SW2, upon his dad's publish request in snapshot.
Now with empty hand and a carrying father’s love, I hope my son enjoy his new gadget and makes the gift from Asoh Yukiko even. Under the dome of Christian, under holy spirits brings about, let the Sony SW2 lifts our life more heartedly.

realistic threat partially relieved by visiting kid brother with monetary pack.

posted Jul 12, 2016, 10:25 PM by benzrad zhu   [ updated Jul 12, 2016, 11:55 PM ]

since sinking PRC's economic free fall in March has been more than a season, my salary card token over by credit administrative authority for near 2 months. I delayed support my son's living cost and his university deposit plan, his mom's laundry fee for my weekly shower. QRRS dorm canteen operator woman first allowed loaning me 2nd month for boarding, but lately shown despise and impatience. bankcomm clearance crew buzzed in daily urging to pay back credit deficit. but these all went unnoticed in my heat to mobilize my website for gain. I informed my hometown relatives my unbalanced situation when my salary almost freezed, they forward helping need to my kid brother who operating a small workshop and with more running cashes. but my kid brother is a stubborn and arrogant young man. he reckon my financial problem cureless and untrustworthy. we exchanged some bitter words then cut off. till QRRS dorm canteen operator urged me to return their boarding loan for shortage, I can barely live under loans and peace. nearby acquaintance like the canteen operator poses a rather harsher threat for my living, for dog rampant northeastern China breeds lots of hate and violence. so I visited my once workplace, QRRS enterprise culture department. the director got my mobile number after acquired my dangerous situation, promised informing me if his leader board, QRRS HQ, extends me a solution. but the call back never happened. I lives in begging meal several days in canteen who urged me 3 times. then on Sunday Jul 10, 2016, my kid brother flash appeared on my door. he likely informed my son's mom's family, except me. he brought a solution including pay back canteen loan ¥2900 at once, pay my boarding remote from now on via his wechat, a Chinese mainstream social tool, connected with canteen operator, a debit card of his shifting to me and cashable ¥1000/monthly. the resolution so charming all the afternoon I felt dizzy, after my kid brother asked my escort to visit my workplace and noded some of my colleagues or cadres of QRRS. he is surely ambitious with his pay power. next day I visited my son who just brought by his mom's school delegation toured neighbor province resort. I withdrawn ¥500 from my brother's card and treated my son his favorite Islamic beef after shower. returned to dorm, near dusk, my brother dropped my dorm and invited me to dine out with him. he is showy even in an alien city, which in my view reckless. and more we discussed our world view and political faith, we dispute and repulsive each other. on taxi back his hotel, we hardly thankful even the healing resolution pack. after 2 moths' delay, I don't know if he realizes who is right when crisis aroused and proper loan in time I suggested, against heaping penalty now mounts to near ¥900/month.

God, dad, I'm no doubt vested kingdom of China of 1109 years ahead under the Son, my title. but can't our sibling share more common views on our ancestor's land? God, dad I now saw promised salvage peacefully in position. isn't it a cause for celebration in the summer? thx, dad, God, all these beautiful sunshine and breeze among tension and relief.

here photo of his last night dinner. for he arrogantly despised cameraman, his photo seemingly slightly ugly.

my kid brother's  last night dinner in Qiqihar with a helping financial pack. for he arrogantly despised cameraman, his photo seemingly slightly ugly.

my kid brother's last night dinner in Qiqihar with a helping financial pack. for he arrogantly despised cameraman, his photo seemingly slightly ugly.

woz stands a decade and a new year on the earth.

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watchwoz 11 years birthday video online 


among harsher economy the sinking PRC brought, his dad suffers historic low salary, 1468rmb for May, and his evil mom refused to join celebrating the bright birthday, they still arranged the event online and local in camera. woz peacefully accepted his dad's ascending with cake he ordered online and fetched from his favorite Walmart Qiqihar franchise building, same small local shop he ordered last year for his son's 10 bday. the morning its rained a bit larger than usual in the summer, but turns out a brilliant afternoon in sunshine.
eventual summer 2016 in Qiqihar mostly chill and cloudy, like the economic turmor in sinking PRC under tightened dictation and fake worship of the communist leader. under the adversity, the dad and his son, woz, Hope of China, God of Universe, makes a brilliant birthday for ever young and growing mirage of Heavenly.
woz with his 11 year birthday cake

dwell in China during its hard time.

posted May 15, 2016, 5:35 PM by benzrad zhu   [ updated Jun 17, 2016, 5:29 PM ]

root in poor income, ie. salary from QRRS around ¥2000 since March, 2016, my credit crisis worsened and issuer bank warned of possible takeover my salary card. even its too mean to cover my startup activities, it does cover most of my living expense including my son's. so I now confronted with starving and survival on my bare hands. my first response is to find a part time job to cover bank commision, near ¥1000 monthly. but I really loathed to put myself in my 50s into labor market. I'm a casual man and with strong religion preference, which likely put me in incompatible with currency of job market. and I enjoy bounding with my vocation, site building and China democracy promotion. I love communicative web online. after nearly 2 weeks reckon of relocation, and after my accounting online at reminds me my debt actually under ¥80,000, just above 60,000, my sinking heart reignites with confidence to survive credit crisis with careful handling current situation without extra distractions. I don't need flee nor sacrifice of second job to retain my vocation and hobby which defines me out. I will live with my vested kingdom of China and its washed resources by CCP's over-exploit in recent decades. I bare hardness common Chinese bounded to after their sins following delusive communism. that's my choice upon my draining finance, as well as over stalemate PRC in eve of civil war it brought to worldwide beyond its capacity of manipulation.

God, dad, grant me legitimacy in my adoption on deficit. bring me peace and prosperous on the seashore I collecting colorful dreams and scenes. let's enjoy life as we did, and brighter future under the oath and Heaven.

woz, dearest son's birthday comes in May. here he stood top a heap in a previous dusk.

Successful 2nd flight to visit brother's new house in southern China.

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it has been years since our 1st flight tour to hometown, central China. so when my kid brother invited me and my son to join lunar spring festival at their new house in southern China, I admit at once. the tour turns out full spectrum of a flight tour: speedy and accurate, sudden storm and day lone delay, hotel and boarding, etc. we also witness villas near my kid brother's house, well designed large residential community whose most inhabitants are migrates just earn well on the host land. my son ate less meals at his uncle's home, but I usually ate so full that my throat burning. my plan to ask my brother's loan help me alineate credit cards' deficit failed, for his business not so rosy, but we still gained near ¥2000 as the lunar holiday gift. its so nice a vacation that we don't know when the 2nd one descends. thx God, we don't count on.

2016 brings about step up

back flight caught in Dalian snow storm and had to stay in hotel for a night, count on the airline,
last dine out breakfast feature southern China cuisine brother treated us.
woz and his cousin watching TV in his uncle's unneat house.
upon request, pose for a gathering shot with flight crew.
before launch, woz at Qiqihar airport.

Happy birthday 10 years old kiddie, WOZ

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woz 10 years birthday. ::yesterday is woz, my dearest son, birthday. I previously intended to linger in dorm which more and more accepted by me as my office. the morning is gloomy pale, after a sunny Sunday. I look forward the sun appears again in clouds to sunburn my wet bed clothes, but it doesn't till I gathered my son and ate his birthday cake I bought him, in his mom's house.God urged me to visit my son on his 10 years' birthday. I grouponed a cake from a likely startup. the cake manually made by a young lady her own in a simple and a bit messy shop but its delicious. my son carefully put on all his 10 candles before we made snapshot advised by his mom. they reportedly will travel to Taiwan with their school delegation in coming summer vacation. I suggested my son using my credit card to buy himself ¥500 or more valued products from the dear island. his mom previously asked if I aid my son's tour, I replied I don't have extra money, but this reply of credit card sufficed her, for she just in lack of foreign credit card. she likely even doesn't know what a visa card looks like. In last week I managed a lot to enable our life easier. I purchased new VPN for woz independently using against more insanely brutal surveillance in sinking tyrant PRC. my application for PSBC credit card, my 4th, got passed and the card due to reach me in this 2 weeks. to celebrate the credit, which likely my first VIP card with largest credit quotation so far in my title, I purchased my son, Hope of China, God of Universe, a dell chromebook with touch screen facilitate his workspace experience as a pupil. the old dell notebook a bit too heavy for him and mainly used as a fix game console and online TV top set. so many good news intensified my nerves and exhausted me in weekends. So I had to ask for absence during game time with my son. he fought alone bravely in weekends online battle field. I even felt dizzy overnight in dorm, after I first tried Japanese style wine from a Japanese cuisine restaurant in downtown we lunched Sunday before weekly shower. God, my life here graceful. I can improve my life in China with lead of America. China doesn't necessarily abused like a hell or pitfall of sins and freaks, we can make it better on our won. dad, God, pl allow my son quality learning space and living standard in my custody. grant us swift move among debt barriers. bring me sooner my Royal China to raise my children, future of China.

woz 10 years old now. his birthday cake brought by his blunt dad lightens his mood in brilliant sunset in the pale Monday. he is the power running the world.woz in his 10 years old birthday with cake his dad brought him.

original posted on 2015-05-26

share this moment with Asoh

posted Nov 17, 2015, 12:38 AM by benzrad zhu   [ updated Nov 17, 2015, 12:46 AM ]

so many memories loads me frequently nowadays when I solely pray for my vested kingdom of China. the new land we destine to move in bond us together. but, God, doesn't I missed the golden years when we studied seat by seat in Nankai Univ, Tianjin? how I blind then when engaged with a doomed fantasy with a Chinese tall girl collegian whose name I never heard by herself. God, how I proud then in the classroom I assertive upon Asoh's notebook when she sit aside me! we belong to each other, since the day we introduced ourselves in the sinful master degree candidates classroom.

Asoh, now I nowhere to find u, but I know when time is ripe we will hand in hand, among our children. thx, dad, God, these moment inspires me to endure digging here and there on the web.

originally posted on 2015-06-11

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