be21zh.org, bring China abreast 21 Century in world democracy.

be21zh.org, born on 7th March, 2008, was an organization based in China devotes to promote democracy in China, which now under the last surge of the dying ghost of world communism. even under heavily surveillance, the organization and its web presence grows steadily since its birth. we look forward more advocates of China modernization join us and push the way downturns the dictation nowadays in China, which suffered alienation from the other part of the world so many decades.

China has a long history of prosperity in his old times. but since the fall of Ming Dynasty, which was a pinnacle in world history as well as in China civilization, the Chinese need new blood to re-ignite its youth. the people contented with its wealth and their Emperor dying for God's bliss. when the Empire cadres start to smother the sanity of the dynasty, the Emperors of Ming Dynasty decided to gave up their rein and let roll the day and time out of the Empire's rein without their attending. they look forward a new blood in the northeast of China and then a new Dynasty replaced it. but now its time to reclaim its treasure and revitalize its glory once again on the old land as well as on the arid world.
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